Monday, May 23, 2016

Not sure what this is all about. Looks very fishy. Email from When you go to that site....It's some type of parked domain. Looks like fish, smells like fish, probably is phish.

The red flag was...we never expressed interest in a new checking account. Maybe they send to thousands of people in hopes some of them were actually expressing interest. Not confirmed, but we're not about to click on any of their links.

Finalization required for new account options
We thank you for expressing interest in a new checking account.

The options below provide specific accounts for individuals in any situation. Please review the details for your customized account options.
My new account options

Watch out for Electronic Tax Refund Verification Emails from Banks

This one really struck me as wrong.  Email from person claiming to be Bank of America asking to confirm bank account information since IRS electronic deposit email came in.  This person even had bankofamerica as part of their email address., and the email was well written to the point 

of almost being believable.

It's a shame people that are capable of writing such convincing emails could utilitze their 

skills to do something productive in society instead of criminal.

Watch your back America. NEVER give your bank information out to anyone unless you call

them yourself.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Affiliate Emails

You probably see these all these all the time.  An email with a catchy subject", line like "Re", Thanks for your response", "good to hear from you, etc.

Just catchy enough to get you to open the email only to find links to (cheap drugs online, cheap viagra, xyz company, etc.)

Why would someone send these?  Pretty simple.  The sender more than likely joined an internet affilliate company who pays a small percentage when someone clicks on the link and buys their product.  In some cases the sender gets paid a commission from that time on any time you purchase from that "store".

It's one of the many ways people can make money online.

Hey, if it leads you to a product or service that you need.....well good for them and you.

But Beware.....some of the links can be dangerous programs/viruses/etc. which can wipe out your computer or steal your information.

When you open an email like is probably more safe if you do a google search on the product/company instead of clicking on some dangerous link to a hacker trying to ruin your day.

Be careful.